Pacific County Catholic Parishes

Pastor's Page

Dear Friends in Christ,

Greetings of love, peace and Joy in Christ from Fr Zevi HGN.

The Holy Father's Intentions for the Month of October 2019 is A Missionary "Spring" in the Church: that the breath of the Holy Spirit engender a new missionary "spring" in the Church. Pope Francis has convoked an Extraordinary Missionary Month to remind us that we live in a permanent state of mission. Every baptized person is a mission. A Mission that doesn’t consist in proselytism, but in offering Christian salvation while respecting each person’s freedom.

Throughout the ages, Christian friendship has answered the call to witness to Christ by going throughout the world to preach the Gospel in foreign lands. This missionary zeal, however, has never been possible without the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit. On every continent, new ecclesial movements and committed friends of Christ are engaging the world and transforming it through their witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since the mission of every Christian is to work for the coming of the Kingdom until Christ returns in glory, may we be open to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who calls us and emboldens us in our labour.

Our Holy Father, Pope Francis invites all the faithful, of all the world, to pray the Holy Rosary every day, during the entire month of October, the month of Rosary and Mission. Thus, please join in communion and in penitence, as the people of God, in asking the Holy Mother of God and Saint Michael Archangel to protect the Church from the devil, who always seeks to separate us from God and from each other.

Moreover, when we think about the month of October, we remember of October Fest, Our Lady of Rosary, Mission Sunday, etc. The Holy Mother Church reminds us that every Baptized Catholic has responsibility of proclaiming the Word of God to others. I could say that there is a friendly touch of stewardship of time, Talents and Treasure in that responsibility. Hence, every Baptized Catholic should share with our regular parish ministries, activities and with our participations.

Many types of pastoral cares in our parishes need more attention. So, St Mary Parish, Seaview will have all Ministers of St Mary Parish meeting on October 12, 2019; This parish is welcoming other two Parishes to have Annual Pastoral Planning meeting of Pacific County Catholic Parishes by hosting it on October 26, 2019; and all three parishes were requested to prepare their own Annual Calendars of parish activities.

There are different forms of service but the same Lord; there are different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone." (1 Cor. 12:5-6) At Pacific County Catholic Parishes, there are many ways to serve others as a follower of Jesus Christ. Generously sharing your God-given gifts helps you to encounter Jesus more deeply, and committing (or recommitting) to a ministry is proclaiming the gospel message on a regular basis. I invite you to take this next step in your faith journey and experience the joy of true discipleship. Please prayerfully consider a ministry to which you feel called. As we ask you to make this commitment, we also want to thank you for the ways you are already supporting the mission of our Pacific County Catholic Parishes.

De not forget that Stewardship of Talent means sharing with others out of gratitude to God who is the Giver of all good gifts. So, I request you, dear friends in Christ, it is at this time of year, that we are asked to think about our God-given talents and how we can share them as friends of Jesus Christ.

In the Friendship of Christ,

Rev Zevier Hirudayaraj Arockiam HGN
Priest Administrator, Pacific County Catholic Parishes
(St Mary Parish, Seaview & McGowan Station,
St. Lawrence Parish, Raymond and
St Joseph at Holy Family Parish, Frances)

Fr Zevi HGN