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Dear Friends in Christ,

Greetings of love, peace and Joy in Christ from Fr Zevi HGN.

Are you, (or anyone you know), not receiving and email with occasional updates direct to you? If not, please email to our parish emails and we will put you on the email list. Please note that some people had previously given us emails but they might be bounced or come back to us saying ‘undeliverable.’ We have tried to follow up on this but if you are in doubt, please email us and we will ensure you are on the list.

During these uncertain times, we, parish leaders, are challenged to reach out to you to connect, communicate, and still express the importance of giving to keep up progressing the mission of the Church, to get supported for the basic needs of our Parishes and to build continued solidarity of our services to the needy. I try my best to keep you all connected digitally while social distancing. We have livestreaming Holy Mass regularly, the availability of Priest for any spiritual needs and the churches kept open on request for personal prayers with proper sanitization and social distancing.

We have our website:, our Facebook: Pacific-county Catholic-parishes and MyParish app for the updates. By utilizing these and other social media, I too strongly encourage you all to pray together as family through the special call: Be Safe, Stay at Home and United in Christ. Time to time, we are conducting ministry meetings and various discussions through emails. I too appreciate all efforts of small groups to pray together online through Zoom, through Facebook live and through any other social media.

I have taken some efforts to cover how to position your parish needs. Contributions to Pacific County Parishes: St Mary/St Lawrence/St Joseph at Holy Family help with the good works of Christ that we are doing for our parishioners and greater community. In sharing your treasure with your parish, you can be confident that your offering is used prudently and that you are doing God’s work. Help God accomplish His work. Give of your treasure joyfully. Let your open and trusting spirit guide you. Put God first on your “list” of financial obligations. He depends on each and every one of us to help build His Kingdom on earth.

Although we aren’t able to join together on a weekly basis, we are asking for continued financial support, if you are able. We have seen that some of the Sunday envelopes have come to our mail box. We thank you wholeheartedly. We appreciate you for your sense of belongingness to your parish. Your readiness to support your parish through your Sacrificial Giving even in this difficult moment of social distancing is much more appreciated.

One of our parishioners shared that our parishioners would support our parish even without service. Those funds would probably come in once services are continued. However, if we think that timeframe is too far out then it is, surely, difficult for our parish to pay its regular bills since we are depending on our Sunday collections mostly. I have talked about it in the time that Holy Mass are celebrated live streaming. I have updated some information of the possible things happening in our Pacific County Parishes through our website and through my Parish app. I have asked our staff to send emails or mails for those who are unable get emails with the regular updates and our weekly bulletin.

Now I suggest you the following ways/options to share your offerings supporting you Parish after proper discussion with our Parishes Pastoral Leaders. You Can Choose which is more convenient, easy and best for you.

  1. Writing a check and Mailing it: Parishioners can always write a check and place in the mail to the following address respectively. It would be an easy option for most individuals. Please mail your Sunday envelopes and second collection envelopes too.

    Saint Mary Parish (McGowan Station)
    4700 Pacific Way
    P O Box 274
    Seaview, WA 98644

    Saint Lawrence Parish
    1112 Blake Street
    PO Box 31
    Raymond, WA 98577

    Saint Joseph Parish at Holy Family
    (Pe Ell Station) 2800 Highway 6, Frances
    PO Box 31
    Raymond, WA 98577

  2. Dropping your envelopes at the Office: You can drop off your envelope with written name and the intention clearly and second collection envelope at the office with proper social distancing. It may be best possible for those who contribute lose money. Although Parish offices are closed, I am available on Tuesdays dedicated to St Joseph at Holy Family, Frances, Wednesdays & Thursdays dedicated to St Lawrence, Raymond and Fridays & Saturdays dedicated to St Mary, Seaview at the time between 10:00 am to 01:00 pm. Please call: +1(360) 942 3000 or +1(360) 642 2002.

  3. BillPay: Some of our parishioners suggested this option of BillPay which is free at most if not all banks. If someone wants to do this and don’t know how, they need to call their bank for help. For example, BillPay with the on-line banking at Raymond Federal Bank is that a check will be written and sent automatically to the church.

  4. Online Giving: We are going to introduce online giving soon. Our ‘online giving’ providing company will be Vanco Payment Solutions. It is one of the recommended companies by the Archdiocese of Seattle. It will be very simple way to use through ‘MyParish’ app too. We will inform you all other details once it is registered. Going online is also to make the weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly payment who intended for support of the parish, and other specified needs like all the second collections. It will be for those of you are interested ‘online Giving’ and of visitors – Easy, Convenient and Secure.

  5. Online Giving allows you to make contributions without writing checks or worrying about cash donations. This lets you set up automatic contributions and change the timing or the amount of your gift at any time. You may make pledges and manage your contributions to the pledge amount, and you may make one-time donations to special causes. It will not cost any dollar Amount for the parishes as monthly fee. There will be a cost of transaction fee according to ACH transaction or Credit card/Debit Card transaction as many online services have. If someone is reluctant to sign up for anything that will cost them money, they can use one of the other three (3) options.

From the beginning of time, our Creator has given humankind the gifts of life and unconditional love. One day our God saw fit to give the first-fruits of love for us, the sacrificial gift of an only son, Jesus. Jesus gave His own life for us on the cross. He set an example for us of giving unconditionally and of sacrificing so that others might live. We walk in the footsteps of Christ when we give sacrificially.

When we realize that God has provided for us and will continue to do so, we recognize that our real security lies in God. Our God, who has given us all, will take care of our future. When we commit to return a portion of our blessings back to God, with the tithe as our model, we express the importance of our faith as well as our joy at having received and our ability to give. Have you discerned how to share your contribution/tithes with your parish in these moments of social distancing? Then choose your way/mode of sending your offertory/tithing/valuable donations supporting your Parish.

Several people have recognized that without our Sunday masses and their intrusive collection plates that they are prepared to sign up for direct debit contributions just to “keep the ship sailing” as one gentleman commented. I am comforted to know that people have understood that this is their parish and not owned and operated solely for the benefit of the Archdiocese.

We are feeling the sadness of families who have had to restrict numbers at the funerals of their loved ones. Yet people have been so understanding and cooperative in this health requirement. While I am still able to offer anointing of the sick to those seriously ill, a number of nursing homes have imposed restrictions on outside visitors, so I must comply with their wishes. I’m sure our understanding God is inspiring us to find new ways for these new times.

It is quite surprising to realize that, while we thought it impossible to adhere to the new daily restrictions, life is still manageable and strangely enriching. Slowing down to take in the events of the day, not filling every waking moment with an activity. Relishing calls and emails from family and friends and making plans for the times when this madness is behind us. I hope I don’t slide back into old habits when the light starts to shine at the end of the tunnel. I will certainly be more attentive to, and appreciative of, the times when I can shake hands with or hug someone, now that these displays of affection are on the banned list.

I have however noticed that the grass and the hedges haven’t restricted their growth in line with the virus, so mowing and pruning still happen at the usual intervals. The bins still need to be emptied and dirty dishes still need to be washed. These everyday mundane tasks are good to remind us that life at all its levels of importance is simple and precious and should never be taken for granted. Now wash your hands and enjoy your day. May God bless you. God is good all the times!

Thanking you,
In the Friendship of Christ,
Rev Zevier H Arockiam HGN
Priest Administrator, Pacific County Catholic Parishes. (
(St Mary Parish, Seaview & McGowan Station, St. Lawrence Parish, Raymond and St Joseph Parish at Holy Family, Frances & Pe Ell Station)

Dear Friends in Christ,

Greetings of love, peace and Joy in Christ from Fr Zevi HGN.

Our health is what matters most and that is why we want everyone to say “STAY-AT-HOME”. While there exist dangers from the coronavirus, the hype surrounding the virus is pushing the world into an exasperated state of panic. This cannot be our attitude in the face of the crisis. We must maintain our calm and confidence in God in this crisis and all things.

Some Highlighted information from our Archdiocese of Seattle as updates:

Archdiocese of Seattle continues to track the progress of the coronavirus, which now, according to the World Health Organization, is a global pandemic. Local health officials predict significant spreading if we do not attempt to slow it down — especially in our region, which is the known entry point. It is with this in mind that Archbishop Etienne announced there would be no public celebration of Mass across the Archdiocese of Seattle. This directive was made for the common good and for the people of God entrusted in our care — many of whom are considered high risk and vulnerable. We must do our part to slow down this epidemic. It is through this framework that pastors will approach decision-making about parish life.

In light of the archbishop’s directive, people should know that they are temporarily dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass until the coronavirus danger lessens and Masses are reinstated. This directive, however, does not close the church, which will be open for private prayer. Please remember to follow all recommendations from Public Health officials to stay home if you’re sick, wash your hands frequently, and practice social distancing of six feet within the church. During this time, pastors will be available for pastoral emergencies, private meetings, anointing of sick, and so on. At the end of the day, we want to ensure we are slowing the spread of the coronavirus and protecting the vulnerable in our community, while also serving the needs of our parishioners. Below please see additional guidance around how our archdiocese will adjust to help slow the spread of the coronavirus:

Holy Week and Easter: The reality is that we simple don’t know at this point how this situation will impact Holy Week and Easter. We believe, however, that there is a high likelihood that Mass will still be suspended. As you know, RCIA is one way of introducing people to the Catholic faith but it is not the only way. Whether or not you do the scrutinizes is up to your pastoral discretion since they are optional. If we are not able to publicly celebrate the sacrament of baptism and rite of reception at the Easter Vigil then we would consider setting an optional date with our catechumens and candidates sometime later in the spring when a public celebration of the Mass should be permissible. An optimal option would be the vigil of Pentecost. Alternatively, a priest could celebrate a non-public Mass of less than 10 people, including the servers assisting with the Mass, to welcome an individual to the church. Please remember that we are planning to celebrate the Holy Week liturgies with integrity, though we may take advantage of the shortened forms when permissible.

Votive Masses for Various Needs: In accordance with the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM 374), Archbishop Etienne has given permission to priests in the Archdiocese of Seattle to celebrate any of the appropriate Votive Masses for Various Needs on the weekdays of Lent. This is especially relevant for pastors who want to celebrate a Votive Mass for the Sick or Votive Mass for Any Need. Please support us with mass intentions.

Processions: Processions are only permitted with the permission of the local bishop (Canon 944.1). At this time, no public processions should take place because a procession is an event that gathers people. A procession would draw a crowd and negate the efforts concerning social distancing and protection of the vulnerable in our community.

Staying Connected: We encourage all parishes to look into livestreaming Mass. Our hope is that our parishioners will find livestreaming a useful way to stay connected to us. Also, Archbishop Etienne will start streaming Masses daily at 8:30 a.m. on Vimeo. Fr Zevi HGN will be streaming Masses on Saturdays at 05:00 pm in English, on Sundays at 1:00 pm in Spanish and on Tuesdays to Fridays at 09:00 am in English on Facebook Live and later published in our Myparish app. If you do not have a Facebook account, this is the perfect time to create one as both the Archdiocese of Seattle and our Pacific-county Catholic-parishes are active users with regular postings and updates.

To set up Facebook, all you need is an email address! Once you create your account, you will then need to search for Pacific-county Catholic-parishes and the Archdiocese of Seattle and send request for “Add Friend”. Please press "like" button on their respective Facebook pages.

  - For Facebook of our Pacific-county Catholic-parishes:
  - For Facebook of our Archdiocese of Seattle:

To Download our MyParish App:
Text App to 88202 to download “MyParish App” into your smartphone (iPhone/android) and follow the instruction. To search for our parish, please type Pacific County Parishes. Or our Parish city name or Our Parish Zip code. Only Pacific County Parishes has the proper, correct and updated information.

Church Hours: The church will be open on request. Deacon Dick Wallace on Sunday in St Mary, Seaview. Fr Zevi HGN is available for any spiritual needs on Tuesday & Wednesday in St Mary, Seaview and on Thursday, Friday & Sunday in St Lawrence, Raymond & St Joseph at Holy Family, Frances.

It’s easy to feel helpless in times of uncertainty, especially when you’re isolated from your friends, neighbors and church community. But prayer is a great way to connect with God and others — even when you can’t physically be with them. Praying through the news allows you to surrender your worries to God while also intentionally lifting up a world that needs to experience his healing and love in tangible ways. Let’s keep praying together in family! Be Safe, Stay at home and United in Christ with spiritual Communion.

Thanking you,
In the Friendship of Christ,
Rev Zevier H Arockiam HGN
Priest Administrator, Pacific County Catholic Parishes. (

Queridos Amigos en Cristo,

Saludos de amor, paz y alegría en Cristo del P. Zevi HGN.

Nuestra salud es lo que más nos importa, es por eso que queremos decirles a todos "QUÉDENSE-EN-CASA". Mientras exista el peligro del coronavirus, la noticia que rodea el virus está empujando al mundo a un estado de pánico exasperado. Esta no puede ser la actitud de dar la cara a esta crisis. Nosotros debemos de mantener nuestra calma y confianza en Dios en esta crisis y en todas Las cosas.

Alguna información Importante de nuestra Arquidiócesis de Seattle como actualizaciones:

La Arquidiócesis de Seattle continúa rastreando el progreso del coronavirus, que ahora, según la Organización Mundial de la Salud, es una pandemia mundial. Los funcionarios locales de salud predicen una propagación significativa si no intentamos reducir la velocidad--especialmente en nuestra región, que es el punto de entrada conocido. Con esto en mente, el Arzobispo Etienne anunció que no se celebraría públicamente la Misa en toda la Arquidiócesis de Seattle. Esta directiva fue hecha para el bien común y para el pueblo de Dios confiado a nuestro cuidado, muchos de los cuales son considerados de alto riesgo y vulnerables. Debemos hacer nuestra parte para frenar esta epidemia. Es a través de este marco que los pastores abordarán la toma de decisiones sobre la vida parroquial.

A la luz de la directiva del arzobispo, las personas deben saber que se les a dispensado temporalmente de la obligación de asistir a la Misa Dominical hasta que disminuya el peligro de coronavirus y se restablezcan las Misas. Esta directiva, sin embargo, no cierra la iglesia, que estará abierta para la oración privada. Por favor recuerde seguir todas las recomendaciones de los funcionarios de Salud Pública para quedarse en casa si está enfermo, lavarse las manos con frecuencia y practicar el distanciamiento social de seis pies dentro de la iglesia. Durante este tiempo, los pastores estarán disponibles para emergencias pastorales, reuniones privadas, unción de enfermos, etc. Al final del día, queremos asegurarnos de que estamos desacelerando la propagación del coronavirus y protegiendo a los vulnerables en nuestra comunidad, al mismo tiempo que atendemos las necesidades de nuestros feligreses. A continuación, vea una guía adicional sobre cómo se ajustará nuestra arquidiócesis para ayudar a frenar la propagación del coronavirus:

Semana Santa y Pascua: La realidad es que simplemente no sabemos en este momento cómo afectará esta situación la Semana Santa y la Pascua. Creemos, sin embargo, que existe una alta probabilidad de que la Misa siga siendo suspendida. Como saben, RICA es una forma de presentar a las personas la fe católica, pero no es la única. Si realiza o no los escrutinios depende de su discreción pastoral, ya que son opcionales. Si no podemos celebrar públicamente el sacramento del bautismo y el rito de recepción en la Vigilia Pascual, entonces consideraríamos establecer una fecha opcional con nuestros catecúmenos y candidatos en algún momento más adelante en la primavera, cuando debería permitirse una celebración pública de la Misa. Una opción óptima sería la vigilia de Pentecostés. Alternativamente, un sacerdote podría celebrar una Misa no pública de menos de 10 personas, incluidos los servidores que ayudan con la Misa, para dar la bienvenida a un individuo a la iglesia. Recuerde que estamos planeando celebrar las liturgias de Semana Santa con integridad, aunque podemos aprovechar las formas abreviadas cuando sea permitido.

Misas votivas para diversas necesidades: De acuerdo con la Instrucción General del Misal Romano (GIRM 374), el Arzobispo Etienne ha dado permiso a los sacerdotes de la Arquidiócesis de Seattle para celebrar cualquiera de las Misas Votivas apropiadas para las Diversas Necesidades durante los días de la Cuaresma. Esto es especialmente relevante para los pastores que desean celebrar una misa votiva para los enfermos o una misa votiva para cualquier necesidad. Por favor apóyanos con intenciones masivas.

Procesiones: Las procesiones sólo se permiten con el permiso del obispo local (Canon 944.1). En este momento, no deben realizarse procesiones públicas porque una procesión es un evento que reúne a personas. Una procesión atraería a una multitud y negaría los esfuerzos relacionados con el distanciamiento social y la protección de los vulnerables en nuestra comunidad.

Mantenerse Conectado: Alentamos a todas las parroquias a que busquen la misa de transmisión en vivo. Nuestro deseo es que nuestros feligreses encuentren la transmisión en vivo una forma útil de mantenerse conectados con nosotros. Además, el Arzobispo Etienne comenzará a transmitir Misas diariamente a las 8:30 a.m.en Vimeo. El P. Zevi HGN transmitirá Misas los Sábados a las 05:00 pm en Inglés, los Domingos a la 1:00 pm en Español y los Martes a Viernes a las 09:00 am en Inglés en Facebook Live y luego se publicará en nuestra aplicación Myparish. Si no tiene una cuenta de Facebook, este es el momento perfecto para crear una, ya que tanto la Arquidiócesis de Seattle como nuestras parroquias católicas del condado del Pacífico son usuarios activos con publicaciones y actualizaciones periódicas.

Para configurar Facebook, ¡todo lo que necesita es una dirección de correo electrónico! Una vez que cree su cuenta, deberá buscar las parroquias católicas del condado del Pacífico y la Arquidiócesis de Seattle y enviar la solicitud de "Agregar amigo". Presione el botón "Me gusta" en sus respectivas páginas de Facebook.

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Envíe la aplicación de texto al 88202 para descargar la "Aplicación MyParish" en su teléfono inteligente (iPhone / Android) y siga las instrucciones. Para buscar nuestra parroquia, escriba Parroquias del condado de Pacific. O el nombre de nuestra ciudad parroquial o el código postal de nuestra parroquia. Solo las Parroquias del Condado de Pacific tienen la información correcta y actualizada.

Horario de la iglesia: La iglesia estará abierta a pedido. El Diácono Dick Wallace el Domingo en St Mary, Seaview. El P. Zevi HGN está disponible para cualquier necesidad espiritual los Martes y Miércoles en St. Mary, Seaview y los Jueves, Viernes y Domingos en St. Lawrence, Raymond y St. Joseph en Holy Family, Frances.

Es fácil sentirse impotente en tiempos de incertidumbre, especialmente cuando está aislado de sus amigos, vecinos y la comunidad de la iglesia. Pero la oración es una excelente manera de conectarse con Dios y con los demás--incluso cuando no puedes estar físicamente con ellos. Orar a través de las noticias te permite entregar tus preocupaciones a Dios y al mismo tiempo elevar intencionalmente un mundo que necesita experimentar su curación y amor de maneras tangibles. ¡Sigamos rezando juntos en familia! Esté seguro, quédese en casa y esté Unido en Cristo con la Comunión espiritual.

En la amistad de Cristo,
Rev Zevier H Arockiam HGN
Sacerdote Administrador, Parroquias Católicas del Condado del Pacífico. (

Fr Zevi HGN